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For Briefing and Acknowledgement Purposes: After a Reliability Status has been granted by PSSD, the shall provide a comprehensive briefing to the employee concerning their security responsibilities, and obtain in writing the Acknowledgement of the employee to comply with the necessary requirements.Form Completion Details: The form is divided into four sections (A - D) Office Use Only Consult the how to complete the personnel screening, consent and authorization form under the section on duplications.“lee herbage” thinks I am “often circumspect about assigning blame for screenplays because of later rewrites.” That’s one reason; the other is that as a screenwriting instructor I have developed the habit of not taking a slashing approach to a student’s script, since my job is to help him or her improve it without destroying the writer.As to whether the director is at fault for messing up screenplays, the answer is NEARLY ALWAYS.One is Nunnally Johnson’s (1944) where Nunnally ended up dropping the motivation for the hero to do what he does, but casting Gary Cooper in the lead made it work because we simply believe Gary Cooper is doing the right thing.The other was a student film written and directed by a student of mine.The visualization is simple, but given what the data represents, powerful: there’s a colored block for every person, organized chronologically from the date they were cremated. Three babies are listed as “sex: unknown.” Scrolling over each square brings up whatever information the county has in its ledger: name, age, sex, date of birth, date of death, date of cremation.

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The rest, the cremated remains of more than 1,400 people–men, women, babies, homicide victims, elderly people, unidentifiable John and Jane Does–are stored in the crematorium, in a kind of purgatory, awaiting pick-up from relatives, or, in lieu of that, a mass burial.

digitized the handwritten record of the county’s unclaimed dead from 2011, creating a searchable online database and visualization of all the people whose unclaimed remains have languished in the county crematory for close to three years.

In 2011, 1,868 bodies arrived at the Los Angeles County crematorium.

Only 440 of these people had their remains collected by relatives.

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