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This will be Saturday night, while the PG-13 version is on Saturday afternoon.More specific times will be added closer to the convention!The prize will ask several questions, which contestants must answer in character. Unlike the real 'Dating Game,' this event is purely for the amusement and entertainment of the participants and audience. Applications for the Zenkaikon 2018 Cosplay Dating Game are not yet open.

These matches might not happen, but you never know what wild matches will be made at Zenkaikon's Cosplay Dating Game!Before Applying, please take the time to read through our rules and regulations! Nashicon welcomes nerdcore artists None Like Joshua and Sky Blew, and welcomes back voice actor Kyle Hebert, to Nashicon 2017! Ever wonder what it would be like if Cloud Strife dated Usagi Tsukino? When you meet another anime fan, you instantly have something to bond with them about.Discussing shows, video games, new foods, going to cons and possibly finding a new best friend. All the micro transactions and premium membership dues you find in other traditional dating apps are non-existent.

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This is a cosplay version of the old Dating Game television show.

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