Ecuador dating site 2016

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Ecuador  dating site 2016

Swedish prosecutors said the questioning will be conducted by an Ecuadorian prosecutor.Swedish chief prosecutor Ingrid Isgren and a police investigator will be allowed to be present to ask questions through the Ecuadorian prosecutor, who will later report the findings to Sweden."After the report, the Swedish prosecutor will take a view on the continuing of the investigation," Swedish prosecutors said in a statement.The April 2016 Mw7.8 Muisne, Ecuador earthquake and its aftershocks led to hundreds of fatalities, thousands of injuries, tens of thousands of people homeless, serious damage and collapses to buildings and infrastructure, and economic impact estimated at 3% of the national GDP.The performance of the natural and built environment was documented in the geotechnical, structural and nonstructural aspects by the GEER-ATC reconnaissance team that visited the most affected areas.The reconnaissance has yielded datasets, lessons, and suggestions for future research on: (i) seismological and recorded strong ground motions; (ii) application of US rapid assessment methods; (iii) geotechnical and infrastructure performance; (iv) site amplification and liquefaction; (v) structural and nonstructural effects and correlation to geotechnical effects; (vi) critical facilities and seismically-isolated structures response; (vii) use of advanced 3-D technologies to map drone and photo observations; (viii) case histories documentation of successful behavior in addition to failures; and (ix) community/government response and awareness aspects.

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Mr Assange has refused to go to Sweden for questioning, saying he fears further extradition to the United States, where a criminal investigation into the activities of Wiki Leaks is still ongoing.

The 2016 Ecuador Open Quito was an ATP tennis tournament played on outdoor clay courts.

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