Dating a guy with spina bifida

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Every parent has hopes and aspirations for their child.

From the moment they see that image at their very first ultrasound, they have a picture in their head, an entire storyline of how that baby’s life will play out.

But that can be a mixed bag because facial attraction is so subjective, plus I’m no Brad Pitt.

After that, the hope has been to use my personality to charm them and get some chemistry going.

The wheelchair itself carries a certain negative, unattractive social stigma, and until some hunky singer comes out with a “She Makes My Wheelchair Sexy” type song that sweeps the nation then it might not change. Instead, a typical exchange with a girl involves her looking at my wheelchair first, then my legs in “I wonder why they don’t work” fashion, then my face, then the wheelchair/legs again, then dismissively away.

It also makes it impossible to flaunt my goods to the ladies because they can’t check out my stride or how I carry myself, my chest/back/shoulders/butt, and those kinds of observations used to gauge initial levels of attractiveness in others. That’s always tough and makes for frustrating and unsuccessful attempts to initiate contact.

So what happens when this smart, independent, successful child finds love and happiness with someone in a wheelchair? Someone that accepted you for the strong (stubborn) person you are and work with you as your partner without holding you back.

How does a wheelchair fit into the life our parents have envisioned for us? At first I thought you would be the primary care giver; opening doors, helping him in and out of vehicles…

It’s perfectly fine to address a potential partner and ask them if they require help from outside sources with their daily needs.This study revealed a need for help from the medical community to inform and empower youth with SB in the area of sexual health.Through sexual and reproductive health education with patients and parents starting at an early age, medical providers can further encourage healthy emotional and physical development in adolescents transitioning into adulthood.Just recently we received a message from a woman who was concerned with how her parents would react when she told them that she was in love with a man in a chair. but then he bought that darn huge truck and he can get into it easier than I can.How would they feel when they found out that their little girl’s life wasn’t going to be exactly how they had envisioned it? We had never considered how, or if, our men being in wheelchairs had affected our parents and families; so we asked them. That guy can do more and does do more than most able bodied men. Absolutely, but not all your struggles will be because of Shawn’s wheelchair.

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With each struggle I’m certain that you both with find a way to make it work or to make it better. When Chelsea came home and asked my thoughts on dating someone who she had met who was paralyzed, I was a little apprehensive.