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For others it is all part of the colour and vibrancy of the nightlife scene, while for some it is the main reason for coming to Phuket.

For many visitors to Thailand, a visit to a go-go bar or sex show is on their must do list.

Activists say most have been lured, duped or forced into sexual slavery by pimps and traffickers, largely due to poverty and lack of opportunities.

Girls from countries like Nepal and Bangladesh have long been trafficked into sex work in India.

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Two Thai women lured to Hong Kong with the promise of well-paid jobs but forced to work in a brothel made a daring escape last week, hiding at the airport before being rescued by Thai officials.

(Depending on your nationality, however, or if the bar management feels that you might not have fully understood the financial details of the deal, in some venues you might be asked to also pay for the lady’s extra services in advance.) The going rates – always negotiable with “your” lady and depending on high/low season, location of the bar, and the individual expectations of your chosen one – are roughly as follows:“Long time” and “short time” rates are always negotiable, especially during the low season or when you’re staying with the same lady for a couple of days or weeks.

As India's spa and massage parlour business booms there has been an increased demand for 'fair skinned' Thai sex workers.

She offered them an all-expenses paid trip to Hong Kong to work as masseuses for HK,500 a month - a big sum by Thai standards.

Isra and Ratana (not their real names) accepted the offer and landed at Chek Lap Kok airport on July 4.

Local police appear to have played no part in their rescue.

Their ordeal started earlier this month after they met another Thai woman, believed to be 38, in Thailand.

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While “bar fines”, for obvious reasons, are not very popular with punters, there is a good reason why bars charge them.

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